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Drone, UAV, or sUAS all represent the use of small quad-copters or small, fixed-wing platforms to achieve photogrammetry, photography, videography, or package delivery. The Land Surveying, Construction and GIS arenas are filled with products and services that leave many with more questions than answers.

eGPS Solutions has entered the marketplace with our same values and intentions, which is to provide affordable products, training, and services to our customers. We have partnered with DJI, LiDAR USA, and 3Dsurvey to bring an affordable, reliable, accurate, and usable solution to the marketplace.

Our primary mission is to sell the products, software, and training to support our customers in becoming independent with UAV and mapping projects - The focus always being on accuracy and precision.

Drone & LiDAR Sales

eGPS Solutions has been an authorized reseller of DJI since 2017 and an authorized reseller of LiDAR USA since 2018. With so many options out there, the process of choosing the right system can be intimidating. So let us help you find the drone system to best fit your needs. Whether it’s photogrammetry or LiDAR, we’ve got a solution for you at a price you can’t beat!

Flight Training

New to drones? Our team of certified drone pilots is happy to help you get started! With our years of flying and surveying experience, feel confident knowing you’ll be getting top-notch instruction and hands-on training from the best in the industry.

FAA License Assistance

Under the FAA’s Small UAS Rule (Part 107), a Remote Pilot Certificate is required in order to fly your drone. We’ll walk you through the steps on how to obtain your license and assist you in preparing for the knowledge exam.

3Dsurvey software

3Dsurvey Software Sales

Learn more about 3Dsurvey Download 3Dsurvey brochure Download UAVs in Surveying PDF

We’ve partnered with 3Dsurvey to provide you with the best software solution for mapping and aerial image processing. Here are just some of the features you can expect:

Surveyors for Surveyors

3Dsurvey is developed based on 300+ land surveying projects. Tailored to serve specific surveyors’ needs. Cut fieldwork time by up to 100 times.

CM-Grade Accuracy

Capture and recreate natural environment in digital form and survey from the office. Achieve high-resolution outputs with cm-grade accuracy.

Any Drone, Any Camera

Supports any drone & any camera/sensor. Works for aerial & terrestrial data acquisition methods. rTK- and EXIF GPS-ready for instant telemetry data import.

Hybrid Processing Engine

Improved engine that utilizes both CPU and GPU for up to 15x faster image processing time. Large dataset support - 1000+ hi-res images.

Professional Tool for Daily Use

Best price-performance digital surveying tool in the market. Combine with 3Dsurvey Pilot and 3Dsurvey Viewer to get the complete solution: Capture > Process > Analyze > View & Share.

Compatible with Third-Party Sources

Supports working with any third-party point clouds, data from LiDAR, Sonar, SLAM, terrestrial scanners. Seamless workflow for further combination with photogrammetric point clouds.

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